Thursday, October 03, 2013

Responses from my new school

A few people have asked what kind of reaction I am getting to my classroom at my new school.  I am happy to say it has been really, really positive.

When I was setting up my classroom, my new colleagues would stop by for a gander. The custodians have been so great and accommodating (the custodian from my last school put in a good word for me).  Then we were rotating different groups of students through our classrooms the first couple of weeks, I would get some "oooohs" when they'd first walk in. 

Two weeks ago, we had the Meet the Teacher night, and I received some great feedback from parents.  They were really curious about the look of the classroom.  I explained I wanted to create a calm
inviting atmosphere that promotes curiosity and creativity, a place that responded to the needs of my learners.  The parents all seemed to understand this without thinking I was too odd.  One had even perused this blog before meeting me. (Hi KY).

The funny part was over the course of the two hours, I kept seeing these families walking around the classroom and I couldn't figure out whose parents they were.  It turns out they actually didn't have a child in my class, but were curious and came in for a look.   I liked that.

It is interesting seeing how my design investigation is playing out in a different setting.  In this case, though my classroom does look different from a lot of others, I haven't done anything too too radical.  No risers. No lap desks. I still have a desk. Students still have desks.

Will I make the big changes? Probably not right away. It will depend on what my students and I need.