Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Ethic of Care presentation

Last night I presented at an Ethic of Care class.  The text below is my notes from the key points of my presentation.

I see learning within the Ethic of Care has three factors:
  1. The Teacher
  2. The Student(s)
  3. The Environment

1. The Teacher

Who you are is what (and how) you teach.
The teacher must understand him or herself.

It's not just Personalized Learning, but Personalized Teaching as well.

2. The Students

Treat each learner as an individual.

Mother Theresa: If I look at the mass, I will never act.  If I look at the one, I will.

Start with individuals. It is less overwhelming.

Build relationships: Don't teach subjects. Teach kids.

The teacher needs to know the students.  Talk to them and LISTEN.

(It’s the same with adults).

3. Kids also learn by interacting with their environment.

Teachers create the conditions for learning and caring to develop.

The conditions are reflected in the environment: Trust, compassion, safety, self worth, etc.

The conditions are dependent on who teacher is and who students are.
I want my classroom environment to be better than the real world because
  • some of my kids come from challenging home situations.
  • this world has already been created. I want a better one.

Hmm.  Doesn't seem as powerful when it's not said out loud. 
Feel free to read this out loud imitating my booming voice.  Make sure that you pause, stroke your chin thoughtfully, and have that knowing look on your face.
Yup, WAY more effective.

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