Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lighting Is Everything

If you want to make a quick, dramatic change to your room, start with lighting. 

I don’t know about your classroom, but my classroom has these bright fluorescent fixtures that suck the life out of you.  I try to keep them off as much as possible.  I don’t get enough natural light from my north-facing windows, so I augment with some spot lighting.  The area lighting also creates some interesting zones. 

The 4 overhead hanging lights create intimate areas for small groups.  light 3

The floor lamps create a spot to cozy up in the comfy padded chair with a book and a buddy.


A couple of desk lamps along the walls make for nice private areas for solo work.


light 2


Mr. S

My buddy next door, Mr. S teaches grade 4/5.  He has been experimenting with lighting effects too.  Check it out.

An arm lamp at the back by the sink creates a great, flexible workspace.


The floor lamp defines the mood of the carpeted reading area.


A couple of clamp lamps become instant wall sconces.



If you can’t change the wall positions or even the wall colours, lighting is an easier alternative.

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  1. Greg,

    Before this school year started I had never considered the extent to which classroom design could be impacted by lighting. Shockingly (as you have inspired me in so many other ways) this realization was from observing one of our new colleagues, Ms. L!

    After reading your post above I was inspired to share my story which involved my morning as an 'emergency sub' in her classroom on my own blog. My thought can be found here: http://principalofthematter.com/?p=267

    Awesome stuff, thanks for keeping me thinking and continuing to document the awesome work you lead at our school.