Thursday, August 08, 2013

iPods as sedation

I've been thinking more about how listening to an iPod helps me to cope with overwhelming situations. It is almost like I'm given a mild sedative in the same way Gravol helps people with motion sickness.

I read about how Buddhists will "lean into" an irritating or overwhelming situation to understand it better and learn why the situation causes them so much anxiety. Maybe I'm just weak but it's like I need the exact opposite. I need to lean away from mild irritation so that it does not become a bigger problem. I need to distance myself from myself and the iPod helps me do that.

Music helps during waking hours. And it has to be chosen music through headphones. I was listening to familiar music today playing in a book store through their sound system. It didn't help much but once I stuck one of my headphones in, I experienced instant release. I know. Odd.

And during sleeping times, I must listen to fiction through my iPod to help me sleep. Again, it's like I need to distance myself from the thoughts swirling around in my head. Music in this case provides a soundtrack to swirling so a story seems to help me get away from myself.

I just heard on the CBC that people seem to experience less anxiety about answering questions when speaking in character (like Romeo) than when they answer personally. And FMRI show that different less anxiety related, less identity related parts of the brain are activated when responding in character. Thus I think losing myself in
Music or story helps me to regulate myself.

Hmmm. Can I buy a nicer iPod and get reimbursed from my medical plan?

And is this an acceptable way for kids to regulate themselves in schools?

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