Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Governor General's Conference

Last month, I attended a reunion of the recipients of the Governor General's Award Teaching Canadian History.  In the most professional terms: I had a blast!

We spent the time in meetings, tours, dinners, and presentations.  We learned about interesting directions in historical studies and historical thinking from (you guessed it) historians.  We had sessions at the University of Ottawa, the Canadian Museum of History, the Byward Museum, the National Arts Centre, and of course, with David Johnston, the Governor General.

The GG
Nice guy.


Some of my friends

My history hero: Charles Hou

It was all pretty wonderful, and went by in a flash.  With all the hoopla though, my favourite parts were just hanging out with the other history teachers,  They were all great people and they had excellent history projects.  I could have spent weeks hearing about what they have done and what they are working on next.

So many thanks to Joel Ralph and Joanna Dawson, and the rest of Canada's History Society for their hard work, preparation, and generosity.  We really appreciated it.

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