Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Hidden App

Last night, my wife and I went to this cafe where we grabbed a quick dinner. It wasn't very busy at the cafe; there weren't many other people.  Even with the lack of people, I was surprised at how silent the place was.  The reason was, that apart from my wife and me, everyone else, mostly couples, was hooked up to their iPods, laptops, and handheld devices.  Okay, I get it when you are by yourself and you are eating, and you hook up to a device to pass the time, like reading a book.  And I almost get it when you are with other people and you get a call or text, and you quickly take it, then return to your party.  But I don't get it when people come to a social place, with other people (presumably friends or loved ones), and ignore their company.  There was this party of three who sat at a bigger table.  One lady was watching a movie, the guy was typing something on his laptop, and the other woman was texting people on her phone. 

Call me old fashioned, but this is not my idea of hanging out, of socializing.  (In fact, it reminded me a lot of when I was single.)   And, despite the fact that his technology is largely responsible for this state of affairs, I don't think it is Steve Jobs' idea of socializing either.  I know because he came to me in a dream last night after I saw this. 

Steve explained to me that there is a hidden app in every electronic device, not just the ones made by Apple.  You activate it by hitting the OFF button.  It is amazing!  You can see a non-virtual world in stunning, realistic 3D (and without having to wear weird looking glasses).  You can interact with people (in real time) by looking at them, talking, and listening, maybe even touching them.  You will pick up on the nuances of conversation, the body language, the tone, the way the hair drapes around the face.  Instead of typing or reading "lol", you can actually Laugh Out Loud or better yet, make someone laugh.  You will be astounded at how fascinating, interactive, and real it all seems.

And the name of this wonderful, hidden app?

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