Saturday, May 05, 2012

Design experiments in my school

Some of the other teachers in my school are on their own design journeys at my school.

Here is a grade 1/2 classroom. 
There is a window treatment that softens up the harder angles.  The green from the treatment and the seagrass baskets combined with the unpainted shelving add an organic touch.

A little remnant piece of carpet creates a nice reading zone on the floor.

Keeping the desks together gives enough space to have a generous space in front of the Smartboard.

Here is a grade 2 class.
The couch and carpet create a lovely reading area.  The natural light from the window and the deep colours add warmth.

The egg chair is a quirky whimsical piece.

There are rows and clusters to provide seating for different kinds of learners.  I've also seen students break out all over the room during work time: on desks, on the couch and carpet, sitting up on the windowsill, etc.

 This is a small exploration corner.  One of the things students do is put transparent and opaque things on the overhead and shine the light on the wall to create images.

A large carpet remnant provides enough seating for the whole class in front of the Smartboard.

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  1. Good stuff. The grade two teacher mentioned above asked on Friday if she could store we desks in the hallway for the upcoming week. I am sure it is a student generated idea and look forward to watching what happens.