Thursday, April 26, 2012

Liquid Networks

Last week, E, the Learning Innovation Coordinator in my district set up a Liquid Networks session. She brought together some of the classroom innovators we've been profiling on our district site. It was a really stimulating morning. We had a previous session but for whatever reason this one just seemed more "liquid."

Even though the group was diverse, there seemed to be a strong thread of like-mindedness. There was one to one mingling, small group conversations, and full group discussions. Maybe it was the full group discussions after the sharing that made me see how connected the group was.

I've said previously that you can't focus group for innovation. That might not be true anymore for me. If you bring together the right group, it is possible. With the group last week, the messages I took away were: anything is possible, and the same old model of education just doesn't cut it anymore.

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